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Customizing Your Ringtone: A Beginner’s Guide

15 Feb

Despite the huge variety of cell phones available these days, the ringtones that come standard are nearly always a bit lacking in the creativity department. They are a boring series of beeps, or even an imitation of a landline ringing. There are ringtones available for nearly every taste out there from techno mixes to classical symphonies to comedians telling jokes. The first step in customizing your ringtone is to consult your cell phone’s manual or just look around in the “Settings” to find how to change your ringer. Try out the options that come standard on your phone before adding new ones, you might be pleasantly surprised. The default ringer is generally very boring, but a few fun tones are available, especially on newer smartphones.

Now that we’ve taken a look at what is available to to us by default, let’s look at the different ways to add nonstandard ringtones! This is incredibly easy on smartphones. Simply bring up your phone’s app market and download an app that lists thousands of available songs and sounds to download as ringtones. Some examples of this are RingtonesX on iPhone or Zedge on Android. With these apps you search the app for a song you would like as a ringtone, and the app will offer you the option to set it as your ringer (or notification sound, such as an alert for a new text message). On a feature phone, you can still add songs via a USB connection with your computer. In that case, you have to have the songs already downloaded on your computer. You can move songs you already own from your computer in the same way for a smartphone.

Is there a specific part of the song that you want to use? Try a ringtone creator app. Ringtone Maker on iPhone and Ringdroid on Android are both well regarded apps for ringtone creation. They allow you to trim a song to a certain length, in whatever place you like within the song (or sound effect).

There are an unlimited amount of sounds that you can use for a ringtone, don’t feel like you are limited to what your phone offers you by default. Have fun with your phone!

Ways to Make Money as a Musician

25 Oct

One of the greatest things that we enjoy is music. It isn’t much of a surprise that there are thousands of bands nation-wide that have been formed and are trying to turn it into a profession. With that much competition, it has become hard for individual bands to get discovered and make a career out of music. It is not however, an impossible task.


Every band has to have talent. You can never hope to make it big if each member of the band is not exceptionally talented at the part they play. Every member of the band has to bring something unique and pleasurable to the band. It is the little things that add up to make a band sound great.

Where to Begin

Before you are going to get any gigs, you need to get discovered first. Ask around at local businesses that would possibly hire a band and see if you can play for them for free, or maybe even a low cost. Even though you aren’t making a lot of money you are getting your name heard. Think of this as your job interview.

Now That People Know Your Name

Now that you have gotten your name out there, try advertising yourself. Post fliers with contact information for local businesses to hire your band. At this point you still need to keep your price low, but you are making your way up there.

Some Gig Ideas

While local businesses are a great start, you need to start thinking big. You need to advertise yourself to nearby cities so that they can hear about you as well. Just think about how much money you made by advertising yourself in your city. Now, if you advertise yourself in a second city you will make that much money again as long as things go just as well as they did previously.

You can also try to get stage time during local community events. Most of the community shows up for these events, so you can increase your popularity by a lot very quickly.


Once your band has become fairly successful and has written quite a few songs, the next step is to make CDs. This will increase your profit by a lot more and allow your music’s popularity to grow even further when your consumer’s share their CDs with friends. A lot of bands and musicians sell random merchandise including posters, calendars, t-shirts and other random swag and goodies. Utilize a diverse product line so that you can satisfy all your fans.

Career in Music Administration

18 Sep

Your unique talent in music should be put to good use, and a career in music administration may be the best way to do so. There are many non-performing jobs available that can keep you on the pulse of the music scene, while allowing you to take a role behind the scenes. Let’s explore some of the ins and outs of this career.

One career available in this field involves managing the administrative end of various musical halls. This might be a symphony, opera, or theater. This requires carefully assessing the needs of the theater, overseeing personnel, booking acts, promoting the business and a host of other duties. The key to success in this role is learning how to delegate responsibilities.

You may also choose a career in record business. This might be as a record producer, a sales rep or someone who simply researches music trends and keeps their clients up to date. This job is best suited for someone who is interested in up and coming acts, and discovering the next big band.

If you’re more interested in concerts, then you could find a lucrative career in concert promoting, lighting, marketing, video projection, phyrotechnics, merchandising, insurance, concessions or a number of other careers. Many of these positions require a lot of travel time, which may be a disadvantage to someone with a family or other commitments, but can be quite the perk for someone who wants to get paid to travel.

Music education is a perfect job for someone who is passionate about music, and wants to share that passion with others. Whether it involves teaching children in elementary school, becoming the band leader of a top tier college, or giving one-on-one private lessons, this job can be very rewarding. Some professionals choose to focus on a single instrument, while others will give lessons on many different instruments.

No matter which specific type of administration you want to enter into, you will find that a Master’s Degree makes the process easier. GMAT preparation from can help you get higher scores, which will in turn increase your chances of taking advantage of the lucrative and fulfilling careers available in music administration.

How To Find Deals on Instruments

13 Aug

Learning a musical instrument is becoming one of the most popular pastimes worldwide. One person wants to learn the saxophone and imitate their favorite jazz musicians. Another wants to learn to play lead guitar, and follow in the footsteps of his rock idols. But, before you can actually set about to learning the instrument, you have to purchase one. Although this seems simple enough at the outset, it soon becomes a bit more complex. By far the most annoying issue is the one of price. Though it is a good idea to get a good-quality instrument – for the sake of the article, let’s pick the electric guitar -, the price tag attached to one is rather exorbitant. There are, however, ways around that.

First of all, you can get a used instrument. Now, this does sound a bit like a cop out at first, but the drawbacks have to be weighed against the relevant merits. For example, when it comes to purchasing an electric guitar – or indeed any instrument – buying a used one can give you a good indication of the overall quality of the product.

When you buy from retailers, you are far more likely to only get a generic rundown on the product, with the description only being of the most general details even though you may be able to find sales after christmas or on daily offers websites. When you buy a second-hand instrument, however, you have more of an opportunity to inquire about the specific aspects of that particular instrument. For example, a certain guitar might have been equipped with some non-standard pickups that greatly enhance the tone. That probably wouldn’t be described on a brochure, but it likely would be if the instrument were being resold. Of course, the second hand sellers will try to spice up the description too, so you may need to root through the description for the relevant bits.

Another option is to go straight to the assembly line, so to speak. In the case of the guitar, this would mean going to a luthier and asking him/her to make you a guitar. This option has several advantages. First, you can choose the materials you want put into the guitar. You can choose the woods, the make of pickups or the kind of bridge that you want. Second, this many times ends up being a more cheap option than getting a name-brand guitar. Also, if you want the guitar made towards a specific end – say, you want one made specifically for beginners -, you have much more say in the makeup of the guitar. So, all round, it’s a very good idea.

Environmentally Friendly Instruments

05 Jul

The “green” movement has swept across the country and people partake in the movement in various ways.  Some people reduce the junk mail that comes to their homes, others only buy eco friendly products and others try to save the environment by protesting.  For musicians, a majority of the popular population of music now a days played on the radio, does not persist of environmentally ‘green’ instruments. Our main source of artists broadcasting over head on radio wave length stations more than likely don’t even realize how much using eco friendly instruments can healthily benefit our environment, nor how their electrically backed up music may hold an effect on, and harm our withering environmental atmosphere.

Looking into Eco friendly musical instruments, consist most mainly of various, non electric, acoustic instruments. There are acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion, much of classical instruments, and native and tribal self forged instruments. Street performers and Tribal Indian music that can be found performing on the corners of streets, and other sites, are mainly eco friendly ‘green’ artists, whom may be in search for your green tips in return of their street entertainment.

As for environmentally safe genres of music, here are a few examples of some acoustical genres. Most popular are of: Non electric country music, folk, and acoustic variations of just about any type of genre in existence. Again, not all acoustic artists maybe be considered ‘Tree Huggers’, for many acoustic artists do use technological resources to amplify their acoustic instruments, and there are many acoustic genre’s that include electronic elements in their musical works. Playing eco friendly music can be productive by both representing the idea of being for the environment, and all while playing with their own ‘green’ instruments.

The holidays are just around the corner so have a green Christmas and go out and purchase yourself or a loved one an acoustic to help out with the environment, while you set out to progress into the world of music theory. With the right tools, you could even go off and gather the materials to self craft your very own green instrument out of natural resources, or construct one out of recycled materials.

Honeymooning in Bali is Music To the Ears

23 Jun

Bali, one of the many beautiful islands that belong to Indonesia, is a popular honeymoon destination for many reasons. The jewel blue water, four-star resorts, and cultural exhibitions are just a few of the attractions that draw thousands of couples to the intimate island every year. Whether a couple hungers for marathon shopping and exciting resort environments, or longs for quiet, rejuvenating serenity, there truly is something in Bali for everyone. If you are looking for bali packages use holidaybirds.

For over thirty years, Bali has been celebrating its culture and music with an annual art festival called Pesta Kesenian Bali, or PKB, that runs from June through July in the dynamic city of Denpasar. This festival provides honeymooners with an authentic taste of the Balinese culture via traditional dances and musical performances intended to be educational as well as entertaining. The parade that accompanies the yearly PKB is world-renowned and is a spectacle not to be missed if traveling to Bali mid-year.

Bali boasts something to satisfy every tourist’s wanderlust. If honeymooners are looking for a dynamic, exciting atmosphere of shopping and stimulating entertainment, then Kuta is the perfect destination. Most tourists on their honeymoon, however, long for a more intimate taste of the Hindu-inspired Balinese culture and prefer the city of Ubud, known as the cultural capital of Bali. Although it is quiet, with a more relaxed atmosphere than the Balinese resort towns, Ubud is just as tourist-friendly as the more physically stimulating areas of Bali. Ubud has some form of cultural entertainment scheduled every night. The culture of Bali is well represented in temple dances like the kecak, legong and barong performances geared toward the tourists. The sensational musical performances are truly awe-inspiring. The gamelan orchestra provides the perfect musical accompaniment to the laid back vibe of Ubud. This orchestra serenades the city’s guests with traditional Balinese music that includes gongs and percussion instruments.

A honeymoon in Bali is perfect for those couples who need relaxation and quiet meditation after the exhausting wedding preparations. It is a destination vacation that is popular enough to have plenty of cultural diversions for the edification of the tourists, but quiet enough to provide peaceful respite from the harried pace everyday life. A Balinese honeymoon comes equipped with every manner of excitement a tourist could want, as well as the peace and relaxation they need.

How To Create a Website With Music!

18 May

Are you interested in making a website with music? Not sure how to go about it and could use a little guidance? If so, then this article is definitely for you. Nowadays, websites featuring music are becoming more and more prevalent on the Internet. Here I’ll go over how to get your website with music up and running in only a few short minutes.

1. Finding The Proper Web Host

You need a reliable web host if you want to see your site up and running. Today, there are thousands of different web services available but people looking to build a site with music want a host that will cater around their particular needs. If you’re like most of us, and don’t have thousands to spend on hiring web developers, then you need to be sure to choose a host that comes with a simple to use site builder. These site builders have all the tools and features you’ll need to get your site operational in no time. One thing I do suggest is going with a host that has phone support. You never know when you’ll get stuck on something. Having the option to have someone talk you through it will seem invaluable.

2. Register Your Domain Name

To have your own site you first need to have your domain name registered (EX. This domain name becomes your address online. You’ll want to pick something easy to remember and spell. If you’re building a site for your band then name the site after your band’s name. If that name isn’t available then you can try to add the word “music” on the end of it (EX. A few of my favorite domain registrars include Name Cheap and GoDaddy, but feel free to to choose any company you’re comfortable with.

3. Upload Your Content

Once you’ve finished the first two steps it’s time to build your site. You’ll want to get all your music related files ready and organized so you can upload it the site. Just follow your host’s easy website builder and it’ll walk you through how to create video pages, slide shows, music download pages, photo galleries, a personal music store along with much much more.

4. Keep Updating Your Site

If you never change your site then you’ll never give people a reason to come back. Start a blog on your site, add new music regularly and be sure to keep things like concert calendars up to date.

Hopefully, this article on how to make a music website has shown you how easy it is to get your site up onto the web. You can have your site up and running in a matter of no time by following the steps I’ve mentioned above. Good luck!

How to get ringtones

25 Apr

Technology have made it possible for every individual in the world to communicate in the most comfortable and affordable technique available. Over the course of time, a variety of gadgets, equipment and devices have been invented to prove that technology is working productively underway. Today, phone services have been efficiently established and every phone service possesses different services and offers that customers can personally avail of. However, regardless of the kind of phone service one avails, one of the most enjoyed features that every electronic mobile gadget has is the ability to ring.

Ringing tones are indeed pleasant to the ears. But having to get them is one of the most challenging tasks in having mobile phones.

In order to get the ringtones that users desire without having to violate the law of copyrighting, there are several options one can actually choose from.

First option is to make use of the tones already found within one’s computer software. Simply transfer the music file to the mobile phone and make use of the file by setting the tone of the mobile device.

The next option users can try to get ringtones is to make use of the available online sites that provide ringtones without having to pay any amount of cash. Internet savvy persons can actually find a number of sites that have instructions which are easy to follow.

The third other option to have the ringtone one truly desires is to get online but with a certain amount of cash to pay, more commonly through the use of credit cards or online business payments options. This option might be quite costly but this is one sure way of not having to commit any violation of the law. Usually, users browse through the list of ringtones and choose the ones they like. After which, they are entitled to pay a specific amount. Once the payment has been completed, only then can they receive the ringtone they have purchased.

Nowadays, the ways of getting ringtones have become simpler and simpler as technology continues to develop and improve. Thus, acquiring one will definitely give no sweat.

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