Customizing Your Ringtone: A Beginner’s Guide

15 Feb

Despite the huge variety of cell phones available these days, the ringtones that come standard are nearly always a bit lacking in the creativity department. They are a boring series of beeps, or even an imitation of a landline ringing. There are ringtones available for nearly every taste out there from techno mixes to classical symphonies to comedians telling jokes. The first step in customizing your ringtone is to consult your cell phone’s manual or just look around in the “Settings” to find how to change your ringer. Try out the options that come standard on your phone before adding new ones, you might be pleasantly surprised. The default ringer is generally very boring, but a few fun tones are available, especially on newer smartphones.

Now that we’ve taken a look at what is available to to us by default, let’s look at the different ways to add nonstandard ringtones! This is incredibly easy on smartphones. Simply bring up your phone’s app market and download an app that lists thousands of available songs and sounds to download as ringtones. Some examples of this are RingtonesX on iPhone or Zedge on Android. With these apps you search the app for a song you would like as a ringtone, and the app will offer you the option to set it as your ringer (or notification sound, such as an alert for a new text message). On a feature phone, you can still add songs via a USB connection with your computer. In that case, you have to have the songs already downloaded on your computer. You can move songs you already own from your computer in the same way for a smartphone.

Is there a specific part of the song that you want to use? Try a ringtone creator app. Ringtone Maker on iPhone and Ringdroid on Android are both well regarded apps for ringtone creation. They allow you to trim a song to a certain length, in whatever place you like within the song (or sound effect).

There are an unlimited amount of sounds that you can use for a ringtone, don’t feel like you are limited to what your phone offers you by default. Have fun with your phone!

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