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Ways to Make Money as a Musician

25 Oct

One of the greatest things that we enjoy is music. It isn’t much of a surprise that there are thousands of bands nation-wide that have been formed and are trying to turn it into a profession. With that much competition, it has become hard for individual bands to get discovered and make a career out of music. It is not however, an impossible task.


Every band has to have talent. You can never hope to make it big if each member of the band is not exceptionally talented at the part they play. Every member of the band has to bring something unique and pleasurable to the band. It is the little things that add up to make a band sound great.

Where to Begin

Before you are going to get any gigs, you need to get discovered first. Ask around at local businesses that would possibly hire a band and see if you can play for them for free, or maybe even a low cost. Even though you aren’t making a lot of money you are getting your name heard. Think of this as your job interview.

Now That People Know Your Name

Now that you have gotten your name out there, try advertising yourself. Post fliers with contact information for local businesses to hire your band. At this point you still need to keep your price low, but you are making your way up there.

Some Gig Ideas

While local businesses are a great start, you need to start thinking big. You need to advertise yourself to nearby cities so that they can hear about you as well. Just think about how much money you made by advertising yourself in your city. Now, if you advertise yourself in a second city you will make that much money again as long as things go just as well as they did previously.

You can also try to get stage time during local community events. Most of the community shows up for these events, so you can increase your popularity by a lot very quickly.


Once your band has become fairly successful and has written quite a few songs, the next step is to make CDs. This will increase your profit by a lot more and allow your music’s popularity to grow even further when your consumer’s share their CDs with friends. A lot of bands and musicians sell random merchandise including posters, calendars, t-shirts and other random swag and goodies. Utilize a diverse product line so that you can satisfy all your fans.

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