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Environmentally Friendly Instruments

05 Jul

The “green” movement has swept across the country and people partake in the movement in various ways.  Some people reduce the junk mail that comes to their homes, others only buy eco friendly products and others try to save the environment by protesting.  For musicians, a majority of the popular population of music now a days played on the radio, does not persist of environmentally ‘green’ instruments. Our main source of artists broadcasting over head on radio wave length stations more than likely don’t even realize how much using eco friendly instruments can healthily benefit our environment, nor how their electrically backed up music may hold an effect on, and harm our withering environmental atmosphere.

Looking into Eco friendly musical instruments, consist most mainly of various, non electric, acoustic instruments. There are acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion, much of classical instruments, and native and tribal self forged instruments. Street performers and Tribal Indian music that can be found performing on the corners of streets, and other sites, are mainly eco friendly ‘green’ artists, whom may be in search for your green tips in return of their street entertainment.

As for environmentally safe genres of music, here are a few examples of some acoustical genres. Most popular are of: Non electric country music, folk, and acoustic variations of just about any type of genre in existence. Again, not all acoustic artists maybe be considered ‘Tree Huggers’, for many acoustic artists do use technological resources to amplify their acoustic instruments, and there are many acoustic genre’s that include electronic elements in their musical works. Playing eco friendly music can be productive by both representing the idea of being for the environment, and all while playing with their own ‘green’ instruments.

The holidays are just around the corner so have a green Christmas and go out and purchase yourself or a loved one an acoustic to help out with the environment, while you set out to progress into the world of music theory. With the right tools, you could even go off and gather the materials to self craft your very own green instrument out of natural resources, or construct one out of recycled materials.

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