How To Create a Website With Music!

18 May

Are you interested in making a website with music? Not sure how to go about it and could use a little guidance? If so, then this article is definitely for you. Nowadays, websites featuring music are becoming more and more prevalent on the Internet. Here I’ll go over how to get your website with music up and running in only a few short minutes.

1. Finding The Proper Web Host

You need a reliable web host if you want to see your site up and running. Today, there are thousands of different web services available but people looking to build a site with music want a host that will cater around their particular needs. If you’re like most of us, and don’t have thousands to spend on hiring web developers, then you need to be sure to choose a host that comes with a simple to use site builder. These site builders have all the tools and features you’ll need to get your site operational in no time. One thing I do suggest is going with a host that has phone support. You never know when you’ll get stuck on something. Having the option to have someone talk you through it will seem invaluable.

2. Register Your Domain Name

To have your own site you first need to have your domain name registered (EX. This domain name becomes your address online. You’ll want to pick something easy to remember and spell. If you’re building a site for your band then name the site after your band’s name. If that name isn’t available then you can try to add the word “music” on the end of it (EX. A few of my favorite domain registrars include Name Cheap and GoDaddy, but feel free to to choose any company you’re comfortable with.

3. Upload Your Content

Once you’ve finished the first two steps it’s time to build your site. You’ll want to get all your music related files ready and organized so you can upload it the site. Just follow your host’s easy website builder and it’ll walk you through how to create video pages, slide shows, music download pages, photo galleries, a personal music store along with much much more.

4. Keep Updating Your Site

If you never change your site then you’ll never give people a reason to come back. Start a blog on your site, add new music regularly and be sure to keep things like concert calendars up to date.

Hopefully, this article on how to make a music website has shown you how easy it is to get your site up onto the web. You can have your site up and running in a matter of no time by following the steps I’ve mentioned above. Good luck!

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